VARIOUS ARTIST-”Proud to Be Bermudian Song “-{OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO}2011

VARIOUS ARTIST-”Proud to Be Bermudian Song “-{OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO}2011

It is a video designed to revive and instil a sense of pride in being Bermudian.

Proud to be Bermudian is a song and accompanying music video written and directed by John Woolridge. It highlights local talent set against the backdrop of Bermuda’s incredible scenery.

Artists, musicians and dancers include Gene Steede, Shine Hayward, Taylor Rankin, Eric Bean, Ronald Lightbourne, Nadanja Bailey, Mia Chambray and Ronnie Lopes.

While there are many well-known Bermudians featured, there is a distinct emphasis on just being Bermudian and proud of it.

Members of the public mix with the island’s famous faces to describe what it is that makes them proud.

The video was produced over the last 18 months by protest group The Bermudians in association with Just Platinum Recording Studios.




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